In mammals, the slightly curved hairs on the upper and lower edges of the eyelids are called eyelashes or eyelid hairs (also cilia, Latin cilia).

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Näheres über die Volumentechnik der Wimpern

Learn more about the eyelash volume technique

The volume technique is a popular method of eyelash extensions, in which several very thin eyelashes are combined into a single eyelash extension. This process is also known as a 2D, 3D or even 4D technique depending on the number of lashes that are combined into a single extension.

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Lash courses in UK

There are numerous places in the United Kingdom where you can take lash courses. These courses are designed for individuals who want to learn how to apply eyelash extensions professionally. Here are a few places in the UK where you can find lash courses:

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A Complete Guide to Lashes Course

Lashes extensions have gained a lot of hype in recent years. They beautify your eyes and bring attention to them. Most high-end customers are into getting eyelashes extensions to make their eyes appear more appealing and youthful.

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TRAINING AND WORKING FOLDER. Comprehensive training book for your own training purposes. All those who are interested in training in eyelash extensions will be very satisfied with the training folder. The special feature of Lesigna’s training folders are not only the informative texts, combined with unique illustrations, which also facilitate easier understanding.

All You Need To Know About Eyelashes Extensions: Different Types, Tips & More

All You Need To Know About Eyelashes Extensions: Different Types, Tips & More

Eyelashes extensions are getting trendy for the ideal look they give. They can add length, thickness and even a bit of colour to natural lashes. However, with so many different types of eyelashes extensions available, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. No need to worry now, as we have compiled a detailed guide on eyelashes extensions to assist you in choosing the right one!

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