Winter curl wonderland: care tips for hot and cold days!

Locken im Winter

Winter not only brings snow, but also challenges for curly hair. But don’t panic! Here are the ultimate tips to protect your curls from the cold and keep them radiantly beautiful.

1. Hydration is king:

Cold and dry air can dry out curls. Use moisturising shampoos and conditioners to maintain the moisture balance.

2. DIY hair masks:

Pamper your tresses with homemade masks! Avocado, olive oil and honey are the best friends for curly hair – they not only moisturise but also add shine.

3. Protection from cap mane:

Invest in silky linings for beanies to prevent static and frizz. Style your curls beforehand and secure them with a loose hair tie.

4. Weekly deep conditioning:

Treat your curls to regular intensive deep conditioning. Apply a rich mask once a week to prevent split ends and strengthen the structure.

5. Stylish scarf protection:

Scarves can not only keep your neck warm, but also protect your curls. Wrap them loosely around your head to ward off wind and cold.

6. Avoid water that is too hot:

Hot water draws moisture out of the hair. Instead, wash your locks with lukewarm water to protect them from extra dryness.

7. Night routine for dream curls:

Protect your curls overnight with a satin pillowcase or a loose braided hairstyle to minimise friction and hair breakage.

With these tips, winter will be your ally for beautiful curls. Leave the cold outside and let your curls shine – because nothing can stop cool curls from working their winter magic!

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